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Current Version : / Nov. 24, 2018
(19 New Features & +50 Updates Since First Release)
The Latest Added Feature : Walmart Module.
You can now find arbitrage opportunities from Walmart too

Join This Experience!

Aura Profit Hunter will find most profitable items from Amazon to sell on eBay for you!

No matter if you are a new starter, experienced eBay seller or know nothing about "eBay - Amazon Arbitrage".

Here are 3 main reason to choose 
Aura Profit Hunter


Aura Profit Hunter comes with multi-threading support, easy-to-use and a well-designed interface for all users.


We do NOT put the limitation for your listing, scraping, saving, exporting items. The limit is your passion!


We are always with our customers! All tickets will be answered within 12 hours!
(Usually less!)


eBay / Amazon UK & US

Search, find, list and get full details of products either U.S or UK Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

eBay / Walmart

Find, list and export only profitable arbitrage opportunities from Walmart within seconds.

Proxy Support

Aura Profit Hunter comes with Publicand Private proxy support.

High Performance!

Find only profitable matches and get details within seconds with multi-thread support.

Turbo Lister 2 Support

Aura Profit Hunter will export your items with full item details, calculated price, full description and automatically detected category name to eBay's official Turbo Lister 2 CVS format with one click!

6-Month FREE Update 

We stand behind our awesome Aura Profit Hunter! APH comes with 6-month free update plan for all new customers. You will get all updates and new features with your update subscription!

Search by SellerID(s)

You can scrape eBay Sellers' " Complete", " Buy Now" or " Sold List" quickly! If you wish, you can set the price range too.

Search by Keyword(s)

...Or maybe you want to find the products in your niche. No problem! Just write your keyword(s) and click on the Start button.

Save Found Items into DB

You can also keep all items with their details included database of Aura Profit Hunter! You will not lose good opportunities. Time Saver.

Set Your Profit 

Set your minimum profit target for each search! You decide how much to earn.

Amazon Prime!

Search and find only Amazon Prime eligible Items. Just like on Amazon marketplace!

User Protection

Don't let other APH users copy your listed items on eBay! APH's protection system will protect your eBay account from other APH users.

eBay Category Scraper 

Aura Profit Hunter is able to scrape items from eBay by Category Link.

Export ASIN(s) 

Export found items' ASINs to .CSV file with one click.

Export Everything!

Export your list with all item details to .CSV file.

For Your e-Commerce Business

...Well, maybe you want to build up your own website and sell eBay/Amazon products on your own e-Commerce website. APH will also help you with this. After finding items from eBay (or Amazon), you can export the found list for your e-Commerce website.

Next Level Item Matching!  

Do you think is it difficult to find the exact items on Amazon by using a software? Not with Aura Profit Hunter! The APH will compare two items' image to confirm results' reliability! Aura Profit Hunter uses an advanced image comparison algorithm to compare eBay and Amazon item images.  

eBay Seller Finder

Find eBay sellers by keyword or eBay Search URL, grab their details (SellerID, Seller Location, Seller's Rank, Member Since, Positive, Neutral and Negative feedback ratings, Items for Sale and Seller's URL) and export your list to csv file easily.

Free ASIN Grabber Plugin!

Aura Profit Hunter comes with FREE ASIN Grabber Plugin.
Grab Unlimited ASIN with details by "Category Link", "Seller Link", "Keyword" and export to a CSV file. It's totally FREE!

We know that you believe in our word, but we understand the need to show also Aura Profit Hunter in action. So we have here a few screenshots for you. 

eBay Module - Item List and Details
eBay Module - Seller Finder
eBay Module - Daily Deals
Amazon Module - High Profitable Arbitrage Opportunities
ASIN Grabber Plugin
Embedded Database

- Aura Profit Hunter is a must have tool if your looking to take your business to the next level. Its easy to use and will help find endless selling opportunities. As an added bonus Aura Profit Hunter has untouchable customer support. Questions, concerns, and new ideas are all addressed and considered. I made a suggestion for an addition to the program and they implemented the feature I requested just 2 days later. Nothing but great things to say about APH and look forward to using this program for a long time!

- Sam L.

- I have purchased 2 copies of this software.It works really well and he listens to ideas for future updates.I highly recommend this for anyone who is a serious dropshipper. The results it finds are amazing.

- Steve T.

- I want to thank you for giving such great service and updates to this fantastic product. I could not do my business without it.

- Charles W.

Aura Profit Hunter really helped me to step up my game on my amazon to ebay arbitrage. I already had access to a hosted scraper, tried a few actually, but all of them had limitations which I couldn't get over due to the way they were made. Aura profit hunter allowed me to scrape large amount of items and sellers quick and pull out large amount of items with great potential. The tool is updated frequently and features request are listened to. I probably wouldn't banking that much if it wasn't of Aura.

- Phil V.

Great service that offers much more options than its competitors. Support is very fast and great.

- Baraa K.

Aura Profit Hunter is the best tool I have and use it just about every day. It saves me a ton of time and finds me high profit items.

- Brian G.

I have to say, This software is absolutely amazing, having tried p****, t**** and others, This is a game changer for me. Well done APH!

- Simon W.



*(Limited Time Offer)

Aura Profit Hunter

$197 .00

Lifetime License

Current Version : 
(Release Date: 24/11/2018)
  • - No Limitation for All Features

  • - Multi-threading Support

  • - The Perfect Item Matching Results

  • - 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • - Proxy Support

  • -Export into Turbo Lister 2 Csv Format

  • -Search Items by SellerID(s)

  • -Search Items by Keyword(s)

  • -Get Items by Category Link

  • - 6 Months FREE Update Subscription

  • - Protect Your eBayID from other Users

  • - The Lifetime License

  • - Instant Download

  • -Fully compatible with Windows 10

  • - Free Plugin : ASIN Grabber Tool

  • - eBay Seller Finder

  • -7 Different Themes

  • - Walmart Module


Aura Profit Hunter comes with all features activated & a documentation file. Free Lifetime Support and 6-Month free Update subscription included with your purchase.


You may request a refund within 7 days of purchasing.


If you have pre-purchase questions, doubts or want to suggest us a new feature, please write directly to


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